Breaking through barriers

Centaur is pioneering a unique and transformational approach to deliver therapeutics into the brain and other targeted tissue

A Transformational approach

Driven by in vivo or ex vivo manipulation of the human immune system to target, recognize, and deliver therapeutics across barriers or to specific tissues.

A platform

Our BRiTE platform technology promises to increase efficacy and improve outcomes in brain cancer. It has the potential to increase response rates and durability of response, while reducing toxicity.

A highly experienced leadership team

Our uniquely skilled and experienced healthcare leadership team has partnered with world-class scientists to help bring this medical breakthrough to the market

“With such poor response rates in primary and secondary malignant brain tumors, we have the potential, indeed the responsibility, to do our best to help improve outcomes. We believe our BRiTE technology holds enormous promise to make a real difference.”
Michael J. Roberts, PhD • President & CEO